Using Dimensions of Wellness

For Individuals, Care Providers and Organizations

by Judson B. Tunnell, 25-January-2023

Dimensions of Wellness is a web based application for managing wellness over time.

Wellness is more than our physical or our mental health. Wellness is multi dimensional, and changes over time. Our app measures over 21 different aspects of your behavioural, emotional and environmental wellness.

The categories of the Environmental Dimension
The application is designed to be used by individuals, care providers, and organization. Each in a different way.

Individuals can use the application to assess their own wellness and keep track of it. They can also share their assessments with others. Analysis of the assessments allows users to follow up on their wellness. It provides concrete take steps to improve each dimension. We recommend completing an assessment every six months or so, and sharing your results with a care provider like a family doctor or a therapist. Individual use is currently free, and we intend to keep it that way.

Changes in wellness over time
Care providers can use the application to view and manage the assessments of many users. Psychologists, therapists and counselors can use it as a screening and assessment tool for their practices. A provider subscription will allow a user to view multiple shared assessments. Without a provider susbscription you can only view the most recently shared assessment.

We are currently in the process of adding more features for care providers. This includes the ability to add another users as a patient and with their consent to view all of their assessments without them being explcitly shared.

Sharing assessments with a provider
Organizations can run their own version of Dimensions of Wellness. This allows organizations to have control over the questions and analysis, as well as the collected data. The enterprise version can be run in a data centre or the cloud, or can be hosted by us. For more information on the Enteprise version click here

The enterprise version of fully configurable, and can be customized to match your organization's culture.

The application also screens for anxiety, depression, suicide and cardio vascular health. Certain questions will trigger targeted screening. These screens can be shared with providers, which allows them to catch issues before there is an urgent situation.

- Judson B. Tunnell

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