Frequently Asked Questions
What is an Assessment?
A Dimensions of Wellness Assessment is a series of questions designed to measure your wellness in 4 dimensions, and 21 separate categories.
What is a Provider?
A Provider is a wellness provider. This is someone whose work is to enhance or protect the wellness of others. This can include psychologists, psychiatrists, family doctors, therapists, counselors, wellness advisors and others.
What is a Client?
A Client in Dimensions of Wellness is a client of a Wellness Provider. This could be the patient of a doctor for instance.
What are the colours all about?
We decided to use the IBM developed Colour Blind Palette in order to make Dimensions of Wellness more accessible. Please check the following links for more information.
IBM Color Blind Safe Palette at Lopsec
Coloring for Color Blindness
IBM Visual Design - Color and Contrast
What is the mission and the vision of Dimensions of Wellness?
Please see our About Page for our Mission and Vision statements.
Who created Dimensions of Wellness?
Dimensions of Wellness is a collaboration between Dr. Peat (who is focussed on the psychology) and Judson B. Tunnell (who is focused on the code and design)
I removed a Provider by accident, what do I do?
If they are available through Find a Provider then you can request service again. All of your chat history with the Provider will be intact. If not, then they will need to send an invite to your email address. Contact them and ask them to send an invite to you.
I removed a Client by accident, what do I do?
You can invite the client again through the Provider Portal. Once they are your client again, the chat history with them will be available.
Who can see my contact information and/or my profile?
Only your Providers, and only if you have explicitly shared it with them. All of our reporting tools remove or ignore all contact information and personally identifiable information.
I am a Provider, can I change the questions or the analysis, or the appearance of the site?
You can customize everything with the Enterprise version.
I can't find a Provider on Dimensions of Wellness, what can I do?
You can share one of your asessments with anyone using their email address. If they don't already have an account on Dimensions of Wellness, they will need to create one before they can view your assessment. Your current wellness provider may want to use Dimensions of Wellness in their practice.
Is there kids' version?
We are currently working on the kids' version
Are there versions in languages other than English?
Also as soon as possible.
How do you secure my data?
We use encryption for the entire site. We also use Microsoft Identity to manage our logins, and provide external logins via platforms such as Microsoft and Google. We regularly test our security. All passwords are encrypted. All backups are securely stored and no backups are allowed to placed onto unprotected media (such as a USB key).
I really need help, what can I do?
If it is an emergency, please go to our emergency numbers page for the emergency numbers in your area