Dimensions of Wellness - Privacy Policy


Dimensions of Wellness commits to protect and safeguard your private data and contact information. We will:

  • Use our data and research only for the benefit and wellness of our users
  • Never disclose your contact information without explicit permission
  • Never disclose your personally identifiable information without your explicit permission
  • We will NEVER place profit above privacy, security and safety

  • Policy Objective

    The objectives of this policy are to ensure that Dimensions of Wellness effectively manages personal information under its control, is responsive to the information needs of the public, and builds a climate of trust, credibility and understanding by:

  • re-affirming its commitment to protect personal information under its control;
  • meeting or exceeding the Canadian Privacy Act;
  • supporting the adoption of privacy principles and guidelines that will guide Dimensions of Wellness in the protection of personal information;
  • demonstrating openness and transparency about the privacy practices of Dimensions of Wellness.

  • Policy Statement

    It is the policy of Dimensions of Wellness to:

  • carry out the collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposition of personal information in a way that respects the privacy principles outlined in the Privacy Act and other applicable laws, regulations and policies;
  • ensure that privacy is a core consideration in all its programs and activities;
  • protect the personal information under its control while enabling caregivers, health providers and researchers to access and use the information, as required, to maintain and deliver programs and activities for the good of our users;
  • communicate its privacy practices to the public;
  • ensure that effective and up-to-date personal information protection measures are in place;
  • ensure that appropriate levels of protection of personal information are in place when dealing with stakeholders and partners including provinces/territories, foreign governments and international organizations.

  • Application

    This policy applies to all Dimensions of Wellness programs and activities, including in cooperation with health care providers and caregivers.

    This policy covers all personal information, including, but not limited to, both client and employee personal information under the control of Dimensions of Wellness.


    Every employee has a responsibility to comply with the corporate privacy policy as follows:

  • the responsibility of all staff to apply the policy in the execution of their duties;
  • the responsibility of all managers for ensuring that privacy measures are integrated into their operational activities;
  • the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for promoting departmental compliance with policy requirements; and the accountability of senior executives for promoting and implementing this policy.

  • Requirements

    Dimensions of Wellness must take the necessary steps to protect personal information by:

  • establishing procedures to anticipate and mitigate privacy risks;
  • incorporating privacy requirements into programs and activities in accordance with this policy and updating privacy measures as required;
  • promoting staff awareness and sound practices regarding the protection of personal information;
  • ensuring that accountability for privacy is clearly incorporated into the duties of program managers and other employees involved in personal information holdings;
  • communicating privacy measures which have been adopted and implemented;
  • reviewing and reporting activities and progress under this policy;
  • ensuring that third parties who collect, use and/or disclose personal information on behalf of Dimensions of Wellness have adequate privacy protection measures.

  • Policy Review

    This policy will be reviewed every five years, or as required, to determine its effectiveness in providing direction to Dimensions of Wellness. The CEO and board of directors of the company will undertake this review and report on its findings.