About Dimensions of Wellness


Dimensions of Wellness is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our users by providing connections between clients and caregivers, and with data that enhances outcomes and provides insights for the future.


A world where the wellness of all is valued, and where everyone can work to improve their lives.

About DOW Assessments

Dimensions of Wellness Assessments allow us to measure and evaluate 21 key factors of your wellness, and provide recommendations on improving your wellness, while addressing areas of concern and utilizing your strengths to do so.

We also allow health providers the ability to view shared assessments in order to use them to gain insights into the health of their clients, and to track their wellness over time.

What's Next?

We will soon be adding the ability for users to request a consultation or meeting with a health provider. This system will be similar to others such as Telus Health, but will be further enhanced by the use of the assessments.

Other releases will incude:

  • The ability for users to request and purchase a curated assessment from Providers
  • Dimensions of Wellness for Kids
  • Indigenous Languages
  • Localization
  • AI enhancement and machine learning for our data sets

  • Using DOW for Your Business

    You can use Dimensions of Wellness to help you run your health care business. If you are a care provider, especially a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, family doctor, counselor, or mental health practitioner, you can use Dimensions of Wellness to manage patients, their wellness assessments and the changes in their wellness over time.

    A provider subscription allows you to view shared assessments and the data that the patients have selected to be shared with you.

    If you do not have a provider subscription, you will only be able to view the latest assessment that has been shared with you.

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    Running DOW in Your Organization

    Your organization can run its own instance of Dimensions of Wellness, hosted either in the cloud, your own data centre, or in our data centre. The application is fully customizable, and we can work with you to modify it to meet the needs of your organization.

    We can also assist you with reporting on your organization's data, and provide you with AI enhanced insights.

    Call us at 250-213-7519 or email sales@crowdbitz.com to speak about purchasing Dimensions of Wellness.

    To read more, please visit our Enterprise page

    The Colour Palette

    In order to be as inclusive as possible while still embracing colour, Dimensions of Wellness uses the Colour Blind Palette developed by IBM. Please click any of the links below for more information.

    IBM Color Blind Safe Palette at Lopsec

    Coloring for Color Blindness

    IBM Visual Design - Color and Contrast

    Who Are We?

    Dimensions of Wellness is the result of a partnership between Dr. Peat and Crowdbitz Inc, both of whom are located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

    We identified a gap with mental health and wellness assessments in Canada and around the world. Dimensions of Wellness is one small step in mitigating that gap, and one that we want to grow and improve for the betterment of mental wellness everywhere.

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