Dimensions of Wellness Enterprise


Dimensions of Wellness Enterprise is a fully featured version of Dimensions of Wellness that you can run in your organization or enterprise.


DOW Enterprise has all the same functions as the publicly available web application. It also allows you to customize the appearance, and determine who gets access to the app and the data.

Built on Microsoft architecture, the application can be deployed to an on-prem data centre or to the cloud. Fully scalable, the application can handle large workloads and many users.


DOW Enterprise is full customizable. Prior to deployment, we can modify the application according to the needs of your organization. After deployment you can easily change many aspects of the app using built in interfaces.

All the questions, answers and analysis can be changed or customized. The user profiles and associated drop down values can also be easily updated. The application allows adminsitrators to control all the relevant values from within the existing web app.

While your customizations are being prepared, there will be a live development site available for your organization to test and experiment with.


User login information and user profiles are completely separated and only associated behind the scenes by code.

All personally identifiable information (PII) is separated from demographic profile information so that users cannot be identified from the data.

Reporting is limited to group sizes large enough to prevent individual identification.

Users must explicitly share their assessments, contact infrormation, and/or profile.

Our staff have done many Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) for Canadian organizations. We are happy to work with your organization to perform a PIA on Dimensions of Wellness.

Authentication and Single Sign On

By default the application supports local account creation using an email, or login with Google and Microsoft. It also supports login with Facebook and Twitter, but we do not use those on the public site.

The app can be modified to use your local sign sign on solution instead. We can work with your organization to determine the best route to support this.

You will also be able to determine which user accounts have Administrator or Provider access.


Dimensions of Wellness is a .NET Core application built on the latest Microsoft Framework. We have avoided using third part solutions.

DOW Enterprise must be hosted by server that supports .NET Core. We suggest either a Windows Server running IIS, or an Azure web application.

The app can be hosted on premesis or in the cloud. Crowdbitz is happy to host it for you, either in our data center or the cloud depending on your preference.

The app requires an SSL certificate. We can assist you with purchasing and/or installing the certificate. We can also help you configure to the app to use your existing wild card certificate.

By default the application uses SQL Server, but we can assist you with coniguring it to work with another database such as CosmosDB or Oracle.


The price of DOW Enterprise is based on the number of users in the database. It can be scaled from a small medical practice to a nation state.

We have a 50% discount for educational institutions.

Please select the maximum number of users below for a licensing price estimate. The price is in Canadian (CAD) dollars per year.

Maximum Number of Users:

We can provide an esitmate for a custom number of users as well.

Once purchased you can change your the maximum number of users at any time. For the purpose of licensing a user is a user profile in the database.

Prices are for the software license. Additional charges for support, customization, and hosting may apply.


Crowdbitz can provide support to organizations running Dimensions of Wellness Enterprise.

We offer chatbot, phone, and email support, and can provide support in different time zones.

Response times and methods of escalation are dependent on the service level agreement made with each client.

If we are providing hosting for you, in our data centre or in the cloud, support for that hosting environment is included.


To discuss purchasing Dimensions of Wellness Enterprise, please contact Crowdbitz sales@crowdbitz.com or 250-213-7519.

If your organization needs to perform a request for quotes (RFQ) or a request for proposals (RFP) we are happy to complete one for you.

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